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11-feb-2009 - Bandcommunity.NL finally online
After some time of preparation Bandcommunity.NL is online and started. Although the website is not final we decided to start. First bands to be uploaded soon.

12-feb-2009 - First Band Too Loud For Granny
First band to be on the website is Too Loud For Granny. Please check them out

14-feb-2009 - New bands on Bandcommunity.NL
5 New bands on Bandcommunity.NL.Check them out, SecondHand SuperHeroes, Waardeloos, Kinkobra, Permanent Marker, Dead Fish FM

22-apr-2009 - New bands on Bandcommunity.NL
3 New bands on Bandcommunity.NL.Check them out,
P-each, Crum and Esion. Pictures taken during the "Grote prijs Rijnmond en Voorne Putten, 17-apr-09.

03-mei-2009 - Bandcommunity.NL ook op hyves
Vanaf vandaag is Bandcommunity.nl ook te vinden op Hyves, als bandcommunity-nl.