and Community.nl

The concept is simple, bringing Bands and Clubs together om a single website. By adding all the contact details will mean we are creating a large database where Bands can look for Gigs and Clubs can look for Bands.

Most important in our vision is, keeping the costs down. Beginning bands do not earn much money, so we will keep the band site free of charge.

Every Dutch band can become a single page, containing at a possibility of 9 pictures, contact details and a link to their official website.

We would like to have a piece of music on this website, to have a better introduction of the bands. However due to the regulation on this this is not a option on this moment.

When you are interested, to upload your band, club or to advertise on our website, please contact us at bandcommunity.nl@gmail.com

We have the possibility to take pictures of your band or club, this ofcourse is not free of charge, as this could mean we have to travel and to put time in this. We do think we have reasonable prices. Please check our pricelist.

For any further information please contact us.

The Webmaster.